Rachel and Residency in Peru

Rachel Burney set out on her travels in January 2018 to begin a month long residency in Peru where she is now exhibiting her artwork and making arts and crafts with disabled children. 

Rachel and Larry.jpg

Rachel's  LLama story

In early March 2017 Rachel a local artist and participant of Space Artworks came into the gallery in Morningside for a chat. We talked about working together on a new art project. I suggested that we could involve Kiran's Trust who could perhaps offer some financial support and guidance. Because of Rachel's love of South America and in particular LLamas she decided to create a family of Llama sculptures from reclaimed and recyled materials. Kiran's Trust enthusiastic offered a grant to support a series of workshops which began in late march. Rachel and I met every Friday to construct the series of sculptures.  Space Artworks has previously participated in the Scottish  Arts and mental Health Film Festival I suggested to Rachel that she could enter her completed artwork into the large October exhibition in Summerhall which would fit in with the 2017 theme, RECLAIM. Rachel went ahead and applied, and in October after spending 6 months work, her amazing sculptures were complete. She exhibited all six LLama family members in the exhibition and to great success. She sold 2 of the pieces and they attracted a lot of attention and positive comments. Rachel publicised the exhibition through social media. Abel Torres a contact of Rachel's living and working in Peru immediately got in contact with her. Impressed by her work he immediately offered her a month long residency in a the centre Cuzco, Peru he runs which supports children with disabilities to access physiotherapy and creative activities. Rachel then organised all travel arrangements. She experienced an a few setbacks however everything came together and she set off on 17th January. When the residency comes to and end she will travel on to Bolivia to carry out further research for future project and will returning in March.  Well done Rachel. (See images below)

llama 2.jpg

Llamas in progress


Llama on display at Summerhall  Exhibition in October 2017